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(Key of Gb)
Part 1:
Eb Will
F your
Eb Bb-Eb-Gb heart and
Db Ab-Db-F soul say
Cb Gb-Bb-Eb yes,
Gb Ab-Db-F
Cb Gb-Bb-Eb
Eb will
F your
Cb Bb-Eb-Gb spirit
Db Ab-Db-F still say
Eb F-Gb-Ab-Db yes,
F Ab-Cb-Eb
Bb F-Ab-B-D
D Ab-B-D-F
Eb B-D-F-Ab
(repeat multiple times)
Db Cb-Eb-Gb just say
Part 2:
Gb Db-Gb-Bb Yeee-
F Db-F-Ab es,
Bb B-D-F-Ab
Eb Bb-Eb-Gb Yeee-
Db Ab-Db-F es,
Gb-Fb Bb-Eb-G
Cb Cb-Db-Eb-Gb Yeee-
Bb Bb-Db-Gb es,
Eb Bb-Db-Gb
Ab Eb-Ab-Cb Ye-
Gb Db-Gb-Bb e-
F Db-F-Ab es, *last time, stop here, go to next part
Eb Cb-Eb-Gb
F Db-F-Ab
(repeat multiple times)
Play Part 1 through 1x
Part 3:
Eb There
F is
Eb Bb-Eb-Gb more that
Db Ab-Db-F I re-
Cb Gb-Bb-Eb quire of thee,
Gb Ab-Db-F
Cb Gb-Bb-Eb
(repeat multiple times)
Bb so
Eb let
F your
Cb Bb-Eb-Gb heart and
Db Ab-Db-F soul say
Eb F-Gb-Ab-Db yes.



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