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(Key of Db)
Key Db
Ab-Ab, Bb-Bb, C-C, Db-Db, Eb-Eb
Db F-Ab-Db-F
F-Ab-Db-F (Octave)
Db F-Ab-C-F
F-Ab-C-F, F-Ab-C-F
Db, Cb F-Ab-Db-F
F-F, Eb-Eb, Ab
Db Db-Db, Ab, Db-Db, Eb-Eb
Db, Eb, F F-F, Gb-Gb, Ab-Ab
Gb Bb-Db-Gb-Bb, Gb
Gb Gb-Bb-Db-Gb, Gb
Gb Gb-Bb-Db-Gb, Gb-Gb
G G-Bb-Db-Fb-G
G Db-Db, C-C, Bb-Bb
Ab Ab-Db-F-Ab, Db-F-Ab-Db
Ab F-Ab-Db-F, Db-F-Ab-Db, Db-Db
Bb Eb-Bb-Eb, F-F, C-C
Bb Bb-Bb, Db-Db, Eb-Eb
Bb F-F
Bb F-F, Db-Db, Eb-Eb
Eb F-Bb-Db-F
Eb F-Bb-Db-F
Ab Gb-Bb-Db-F
Ab, Bb, Ab Gb-Bb-Db-Eb
Db F-Ab-Db, Bb, Db
F Eb-Ab-Cb-Eb
Gb Db-Gb-Bb-Db, Ab
Ab Db-Eb-Gb-Bb
Db F-Ab-Db
F Db-F-Ab-Bb
Gb Db-Gb-Bb-C
G Db-F-Bb-Db
Ab Gb-Bb-Db-F
Ab Ab, Db-Db, Bb, Db-Db, Bb
Db F-Db
Ab, Db, Eb, F I had enough
Db Ab-Db-F, F, Ab heartache
F Ab-C, Db-Eb and e-
G Bb-D-F nough
A C-F, C-Eb, F-F, Eb-Eb headache
Bb Db-F-Ab-Db
F I’ve
Bb Db-Bb, Ab, F, Eb had so many
Ab Cb-F, Eb ups and
Ab C-Eb, Db downs
Gb Ab-Bb-Db
Gb Fb-Ab-Db, Ab, Bb, Db, Eb don’t know how much
G Bb-Fb, Eb, Db, Bb-Eb more I can take
Ab Ab-Db-F-Ab, Bb-Db-Eb See I de-
Bb Ab-Db-F, Ab cided
Bb, F, Bb /
F, Ab that I
Eb Db-F-G-Bb, Ab cried my
E G-F, Db last tears
Ab, Ab, Bb, Db Gb-Bb-Db
Bb Db, Bb yester-
Db Ab, Bb, F-Db day___
F, Eb, F F-Ab-Cb-Db
Gb Bb-Db-Gb, Db
G Bb-Db
Ab Ab-Db
A Db-Fb
Ab Db-Eb, Ab-Ab
Ab Ab-Ab, Bb-Bb, Db-Db
Db F-Ab-Db-F, F
Db F-Ab-Db
Db Db, Eb Either
Db Ab-Db-D, F I’m Gon’
Db, Eb F, Db-Ab trust you
E /
F Eb-A-C
G Db, Eb, F, Eb or I may as
A C-F, C-F, Eb, C-Eb well walk away
F /
Db Bb-Db-Bb
Db, Db-Bb, Ab cause stressing
Ab Cb-F, Eb, Db don’t make it
Db C-F, Eb, Db better
Gb Ab-Bb-Db, Db
Gb Bb-Fb, Bb-Gb, Bb-Ab don’t make it
G Bb-Ab, Gb, Gb, Fb better no
Bb Bb-Db way
Db-Db, Eb-Eb
Ab F-Ab-Db-F
Bb, Db, Eb See I de-
Bb Db-F, Db-Ab cided
Ab, Ab that I
Eb Bb-F-G-Bb, F cried my
G, Bb-Db-Eb last
Bb /
Eb, Db tears
Ab, Ab, Ab Bb
Ab Bb-Db
Gb, Fb yester-
Db Db-F, Gb, Fb, Gb, Fb day
Db Fb, Eb, Db
F Cb-Eb
Gb, G Bb-Db, Bb-Db-Fb-G
A Ab-Db-F-Ab
Ab, Bb, Db Ab-Ab, Bb-Bb, Db-Db
Db Cb-Eb-Gb-Cb, Db-Db-Eb-Eb
Db F-Ab-Db-F
Eb Gb-Bb-Eb
F F-Ab-Db
Gb Db-Gb-Db, Bb, Bb Yesterday
Gb Db-Gb-Bb, Db-Gb
Gb Db-Gb-Bb
Gb Db-Gb-Bb-Db, Bb
G E-G-Bb-Db oh
E-G-Bb-Db, Bb, yester-
Bb E-Gb-Bb-Eb day
Db E-G-Bb, Bb
Bb Db-Eb-Gb-Bb
Ab, Bb I de-
Ab Db-F-Ab-Db, Db-F-Ab-Db cided
G /
Gb C-Eb-Ab-C
Bb, Eb-Ab-C-Eb, Bb to put my
F Db-F-Bb, F trust in
F Db-F-Ab You
C, C, C Gb-Bb-Eb-F
F C-Eb-A-C, Bb-Bb, C-C
Bb Db-F-Ab-Db
Db-Db, Bb, F-Bb-Db-Eb Yesterday
Db Db-F-Bb-Db, Bb
Bb Db-F-Ab-C
F-Ab-C-F, Eb yester-
Eb F-Bb-Db-F, Bb day
Eb Db-Eb-G-Bb
Eb Db-Eb-G-Bb
Eb Db-Eb-G-Bb
Bb, A Eb-G-Bb-Eb I
Ab Eb-Gb-Bb-Eb, C, Db-Gb-Bb-C realized
A D-G-Cb-D, Cb that
A Fb-G-Cb-Fb, Cb, Db, Bb You would bring me
Ab, Ab Eb-Gb-Ab through
Bb Bb-Bb
C, Db C-C, Db-Db
Ab, Bb, C, Db A, Bb, C-C, Db-Db
Db F-Ab-Db-F , Db, Ab, F
Bb Db-F-Ab-Db
Db-Db, Eb-Eb There ain’t
Db C-F-Ab, C, Db nothing
Db, Ab C-F-Ab
Db Cb-F-Ab-Cb
Db-Db, Db-Db too hard
Eb /
Gb for
Db F-Bb, Ab myGod
Eb Eb
Db Db-Bb, Ab, F, Eb no__________
Gb Gb-Bb-Db, Gb, Gb
Gb Db-Gb-Bb, Ab, Bb Any
Gb Db-Gb-Db, Db-Gb-Bb problems
Gb Db-Gb-Bb-Db that
Eb-Gb-Bb-Eb I
Eb-Gb-Bb-Eb have
Gb /
Bb, Fb-G-Bb-Db-Fb He’s great-
Bb Fb-G-Bb-Db-Fb er
Db, Eb than them
G Bb-Db, G, Bb all. So
Ab Db-Eb-Ab
Ab Ab-Bb, Ab-Eb, Ab-Db-F I decide-
A /
Bb F-Ab-Db ed
Bb-Bb, Ab-Ab
Bb, Bb Bb-Bb, Ab-Ab
Ab-Db, Eb that I
Eb F-Bb-Db-F, F cried
A F-Bb-Db-F
Ab Db-Gb-Bb, Bb-Db-F my last
Ab Bb-Eb, Bb-Db tears, yeah
Bb /
Bb Ab-Db-F, Ab-Ab, Bb-Bb yester-
Fb, Db, Fb Fb-Ab-Cb-Db day *(after 2nd time, go to 2nd ending)
Gb Eb-Gb-Bb-Db (hit 3x)
G, G E-G-Bb-Db, Ab, Bb
G Cb, Ab, Bb
Ab Ab
Ab Cb-Eb-Gb-Ab (hit 3x)
Ab, Ab Fb, F
Ab Ab, Bb
Db F-ab-Db
Db, Eb Db-Db, Eb-Eb
F, Gb, Ab F-F, Gb-Gb, Ab-Ab
*2nd ending:
Db Db-Db, Ab, Bb yester-
Fb, Db, Fb Fb-Ab-Cb-Db day
Gb Eb-Gb-Bb-Db
G E-G-Bb-Db, Ab, Bb, Cb, Ab, Bb
Db Db-F-Ab-Db
Ab Db-Ab-Db
Ab, Eb, C C-Fb-Gb-Bb
Ab Eb-Ab, Fb, Eb, Db, E
Optional ending:
Ab, Eb, C C-Fb-Gb-Bb
Ab Eb-Ab, Fb, Eb, Db, Eb
Db F-Ab-Db, Bb, Db
F Eb-Ab-Cb-Eb
Gb Db-Gb-Bb-Db, Ab
Ab Eb-Gb-Bb
Db F-Ab-Db
Gb Db-Eb-Bb
Db Cb-F-Ab



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