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You Covered Me
(Key of Ab)
Ab-C-Eb-G, F, Eb
Db-F-Ab-C, Bb
Bb C-Eb-Ab,Bb, C
Eb Db-F-Bb,Ab, G
Ab C-Eb-Ab
Bb Db-F-Ab
C C-Eb-Ab
Db Ab-Db-F
D Ab-B-D-F
E Bb-Db-E-G
F C-F-Ab
Bb D-F-Bb
Eb Db-Eb-F-Ab
Ab /
Ab Eb-Ab-C I
Db-F-Bb couldv'e
Db lost
Db F-Ab-C my
Eb-G-Bb mind
Eb /
Eb /
Eb /
Eb /
Ab Eb-Ab-C
Ab Eb-Ab-C wan-
Db-F-Bb ted to
Db give up
F Ab-C-F
Eb G-Bb-Eb
D F-Bb-D so ma-
D ny
Eb F-Ab-Db times
Eb But
Ab Eb-Ab-C God
Bb F-Ab-Db was
C Ab-C-Eb my
Db Ab-Db-F anchor, a con-
C G-C-E sis-
D Ab-B-D-F tant
E Bb-Db-E-G way-
F C-F-Ab maker
C-Ab Hez
Eb-C I'm
Gb Db-F-Bb grateful, God
Eb Db-Eb-F-Ab covered
Ab Ab-C-Eb-Ab me
Ab-Eb, F (slide Eb to F quickly)
Eb-Bb, C (slide Bb to C quickly)
Ab Ab-Eb-Ab (octave higher)
Ab Eb-Ab-C Well
F-Bb-Db the
Db enemy
Db F-Ab-C came
Eb-G-Bb a-
Eb gainst me
Eb /
Eb /
Eb /
Ab Eb-Ab-C a-
Ab Eb-Ab-C ttacked
F-Bb-Db my
Db body
F Ab-C-F
Eb G-Bb-Eb and
D F-Bb-D my min-
D i
Eb F-Ab-Db stry
Eb But
Ab Eb-Ab-C what
Bb F-Ab-Db God
C Ab-C-Eb or-
Db Ab-Db-F dained
C G-C-E He
D Ab-B-D-F will
E Bb-Db-E-G main-
F C-F-Ab tain, I'm
Gb Db-F-Bb grateful, He
Eb Db-Eb-F-Ab covered
Ab Ab-C-Eb-Ab me
Ab Ab-C-Eb-Ab (3x)
C, F, Ab, Bb, Ab, F, Eb C, F, Ab, Bb, Ab, F, Eb (Run with Both Hands)
Ab Ab-C-Eb-Ab
Ab C-Eb-Ab You
Db-Eb-F-Ab co-
Db /
Db C-F-Ab vered
Bb-Db-Eb-Ab me
Eb /
Eb /
Eb /
Db Bb-Eb-G
C C-Eb-Ab Your
C C-Eb-Ab Hand
Db Db-F-Ab of pro-
Db tection
F C, Bb
Eb Ab, G was
D Bb-D-F all around
Eb Bb-Db-Eb-Ab me, if
Ab C-Eb-Ab not
Bb Db-F-Ab for
C C-Eb-Ab Your
Db Ab-Db-F grace
C G-C-E and
D Ab-B-D-F Your
E Bb-Db-E-G mer-
F C-F-Ab cy, thank you
Gb Db-F-Bb Lord, You
Eb Db-Eb-F-Ab covered
Ab Ab-C-Eb-Ab me
(go back to verse)
*2nd time go to Bridge
*3rd time go to intro to Vamp
Ab-C-Eb I've
Bb-D-F failed
Ab so
Ab Bb-D-F-Bb (roll chord backwards) ma-
Ab Bb-Db-F ny
G Bb-Eb-G times
Eb G
C C-E-G But Your
D Ab-B-D-F love
E Bb-Db-E-G di-
F C-F-Ab vine
C, Bb You
A A-C-F touched this
Db E-G-Bb-Db soul
C Eb-Gb-A-C of
Bb F-C-Eb mi-
F-Bb-Db ne
C C-Eb-F-Ab and re-
Gb Bb-Db-F-Ab stored
Bb Ab-C-E-G
Eb Ab-Db-F-Ab me
(go back to chorus)
Intro to Vamp:
C Ab-C-Eb
D F-Bb-D
Eb G-Bb-Eb
E G-C-E-
F Ab-C-F
Eb, Db
C Ab-C-Eb
Bb Ab-Db-Eb-F
Eb Ab-Db-Eb-F
C Ab-C-Eb
D F-Bb-D
Eb F-G-Bb-Eb (4x)
C, F, G C, F, G
F C-F-Ab
Db Ab-Db-F
C Ab-C-Eb
Ab, C Ab, C :
Bb Db-F-Bb
Ab C-Eb-Ab
G Bb-Eb-G
Eb Ab-Db-F
Db Bb-Eb-G
C C-Eb-Ab
C Ab-C-Eb You
D F-Bb-D covered
Eb G-Bb-Eb me, Hands of
E G-C-E protection around
F Ab-C-F me
Eb, Db Your
C Ab-C-Eb grace and
Bb Ab-Db-Eb-F mercry
Eb Ab-Db-Eb-F covered me
C G-Bb-Eb
F Ab-C-Eb
C Ab-C-Eb
Db Ab-C-F
F G-Bb-Eb
Bb F-Ab-Db
Eb F-Ab-Db
(repeat and fade)



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