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Your Steps are Ordered
(Key of Db)
Bbb Eb-Db
Ab, Gb Cb,Bbb
F Db-F-Ab
Bb D-Bb,F
Bb-Gb, Bb-F, D-Ab Eb, Db,Bb-F-Ab
Eb Bb-Db-F-Ab, Gb
Ab Ab-Db-F,Bb
Ab A-C-F,Eb
F Eb-Ab-Db
Gb Eb-Ab-Db
Ab Gb-Db-F,Ab
Ab A-Db-Ab,Gb
Gb-Db,Eb, Ab
F Ab-Db-F-Ab
D, C Ab-Bb-D,Eb
C, Db Eb,F
Eb Gb-Bb-Db-F, Gb
Ab Db-F-Ab Ev-
Ab Bb-Eb-Gb ry
Db Ab-Db-F step
Cb D-Gb-Ab, Gb-Bb-Db of
Cb D-Gb-Ab a
Bb F-Ab-Db right-
Gb-Bb-Eb eous
Eb Eb-Gb-Bb man
Eb Bb-Eb-Ab is
Ab Ab-C-Eb or-
Bb-Db-F ed
C-Eb-Ab by
Ab Ab-C-Eb God
Bb Bb-Db-F
C C-Eb-Ab, F or-
Db Ab-Db-F dered
Db Ab-Db-F Though
Db-F-Ab you
Ab C-Eb-Ab may
Ab C-Eb-Ab not
Eb C-Eb-Ab know
Ab Eb-Ab-C His
Db-F-Ab, C-Eb-G mind
Db Db-F-Ab
Db Db-F-Ab He
C Eb-Gb-Bb will
Cb F-Ab-Db re-
Bb F-Bb-D veal
Bb Db-F-Bb it
Db-F-Bb all
F-Ab-Db in
Db F-Ab-Db,Eb-Gb-Bb time
Bbb Eb-Gb-Bbb Just
Ab Db-F-Ab know
Gb Bb-Eb-Gb til
Ab Db-F-Ab then
Bb Bb-D-F your
C C-Eb-Gb steps
D D-F-Ab are
Eb Eb-Gb-Bb or-
Db-F-Ab dered
C Bb-Eb-Gb,Ab-Db-F by God
Verse 1:
F Db-Eb-Ab, Ab When it feels
Gb Bb-Eb-Ab like my mountain’s too
Ab-Bb-Db high and I’m
Ab F-Ab-Db tired
Ab-Db-F of
Bb Ab-Db-Eb the climb
C, Db, C, Bb, Ab, Gb hmm_______
F Db-Eb-C, Ab when it feels
Gb Bb-Db-F-Ab like my patience
Gb is frus-
Ab F-Ab-Db trat-
Ab-Db-F ed with
A A-C-Eb-Gb time
A Bb-C-Eb
Bb F-Ab-Bb-Eb I depend on the Spirit
F to
Gb Bb-Db-Gb gent-
F Ab-Db-F ly
Eb Gb-Bb-Eb re-
Ab Bbb-Db-F-Ab mind______
Go back to chorus:
Verse 2:
When my faith is challenged
And my vision is obscured
When I'm hanging on by a thread
And my footing's unsure
I hear in the Spirit
One word to help me endure
And it says
F Db-Eb-Ab (hit 4x) Ordered
Gb Db-Eb-Ab (hit 4x) Ordered
Ab Db-F-Ab (hit 3x)
Bb Db-Eb-Ab ordered
F Db-Eb-Ab (hit 3x)
Gb Db-Eb-Ab (hit 3x) ordered
G Db-F,Eb-Gb, F-Ab before the
Ab Db-Eb-F-Ab world was framed
A C-Eb-Gb (before the world was
Bb, F Ab-Db-Eb framed)
Db, Eb, F I want you to know today
Eb, Db, Bb, Ab
Db, Bb, Ab, F and wherever you
Gb Bb-Db-Gb are
F Ab-Db-F that
Eb Gb-Bb-Eb your
Ab Bbb-Db-F-Ab steps, your steps
Ab Bb-Db-Eb-Gb have been ordered
Basically repeat & ad-lib
Gb Bb-Eb-Gb some-
F Ab-Db-F body
Eb Gb-Bb-Eb just
Ab A-Db-Eb-Gb-Ab just lift your hands and praise Him, praise Him



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