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Anointing Fall on Me
(Key of F)
CG BbM7 a
FC Am7 noin
DA FGCE ting
GbC Bb (passing chord)
GD FABbd[Bbm7] fall on
CBb A me
FAEb G a
EBb DGBb noin
AG Dbdim6 ting
DA FM7 fall on
GF E me
DbFB Eb [
Cm Bb power of the
EbA G holy ghost
ADbG F [passing chord]
BbF Dm7 fall on
GDb Db6(b5) me, a - ((how's this turnaround!!))
CG F noin
AbEb Cm7 ting
DbAb Fm7 fall
CG Bb on



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