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Because of Who you Are
(Key of B)
B BDbEbGb Because of who you
Eb BDbEbGb are I give you
E AbBEbGb (Gb/GbAbB)(Bb/GbAbBbDb) Glory
B BDbEbGb Because of who you
Eb BDbGbBb are I give you
Gb GbAbBbDb praise
Ab EbAbB Because of who you
Gb DbGbAbBb are
Db will
G GBbEb lift my voice and
Ab EbAbB say
Gb EbAbB Lord
DbGbBb I
E BEGbAb worship you
G EbGBbDb Because of who you
Ab EbAbB (2nd time B/BEbGbB) are
(REPEAT: Lord I worship you)
Gb strike this bass
EbGbB Je
EbGbDb ho
EbGbBEb vah
E EbGbBEb Jireh
B BEbGbB (Bb/DbGbBb)(Ab/EbAbB) My provider
B Je
Gb EbAbB ho
E EbGbBEb Nissi
B Lord
Eb you
Gb EAbDbE reign
Gb EbAbB in victory
E EbAbBEb Shamah
B My
Gb AbBDbE Prince
Ab EbAbBEb Peace
B and
Db I
E EAbBEb worship
G EbGDb because of who you
A EbAbB are
Repeat and I worship you because of who you are.



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