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Best is Yet to Come, The
(Key of C)
Intro: fc / gm7 [1] ---(d- c - f - g - bb - g - f - d - c- bb)
CF Gm7(1)
DA Fb(1)
* repeat 4x's (chords)
CF Gm7[1] hold on my brother, don't give
DA F6[1] up, hold on my
CF Gm7[1] sister, just look
DA F6[1] up, there is a
CF Fm7[1] master plan in
DA F6[1] store for you if
CG Gm7[1] you just
A Cm[3] make
D D [2] it
GD Gm7[1] through
*verses are the same, as well as the main drive
CF Gm7(1) make it worth your
DA FGCEG{C11} time
GD Bm7[1]
TAG: ( F D Bb G )
BbF Dm7[3]
EbBb Gm7[1]
DA FM7[3]
GF E[3]
CG EbM7[3]
* repeat until.
EB GBGbA{D+#3}
FC AbEbGBb{Eb+#3} today is the
BbF AbDGBb first day of the
FC AbEbGBb{Eb +#3} best days of your
BbF AbDGBb life
DGbC Bb[3]
EbGDb Eb7[1]
EAbD C[3]
EB GDGbA{D+#3}
FC AbEbGBb{Eb +#3}
* back to the best.
CG Gm7[2] 5 hits
AbEb Gb6[1]
BbF AbM76[1]
CG Gm7[2] 5 hits
DA FM7[3]
EbBb Db6[1]
CG Gm7[2] 5 hits
AbEb GbM7(b5)[1]
BbF BbM7(b5)
( D -E ) GbDb Gbm[2]
DbAb Ebm7[3]
CG Gm7[2]



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