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Author Topic: The Blues Scale for Beginner's  (Read 1591 times)


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The Blues Scale for Beginner's
« on: October 02, 2012, 12:09:46 PM »
Blues Patterns for Beginner's

Start w/ the left hand shuffle pattern in the Key of A. The Blues scale is: A, D, E

Here is a list of the basic chords also which is the basic blues scale. The pattern is I, IV & V all the time.

The patterns:

1. C, F, G

2. G, C, D

3. D, G, A

4. A, D, E

5. E, A, B

6. B, E, G-flat

7. G-flat, B, D-flat

8. D-flat, G-flat, A-flat

9. A-flat, D-flat, E-flat

10. E-flat, A, B-flat

11. B-flat, E-flat, F

12. F, B-flat, C

The 12-bar blues scale is a basic pattern that forms the backbone of thousands of blues songs.

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