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Author Topic: Searching for artist, recording of, lyrics to "Let Them Come (R&YB&W)"  (Read 1353 times)


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It's a song I believe to be from the 90s. We had a tape of it. The chorus of the song is based on "Jesus Loves the Little Children". We used to have a tape of it with a girl with a maturish voice singing. The lyrics that I can recall are:

"Suffer the little children
to come to me" He said
Come to me He said.
Let them come.

[I forget the next have of the verse, but it ends with "Let them come"]

Red and Yellow, Black and White
They are SO precious in his sight
You must become like/as a little child
Let them come, oh let them come

Why is it little children seem to know Him best
Seemed to know Him best? Let them come

They had a special way with Him
They found in Him such joy
Found in Him such joy, I say
Let them come


I remember there being a good bit of guitar in it. The girl's vocal style reminded me of "All God's Children" (though they seem to be pretty obscure but... Their CD is on Ebay...)

Thanks. Hopefully somebody knows this. If I still had the tape I'd record it to the computer but I don't :(
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