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Author Topic: Gospel Drummers: let get a broad background  (Read 3760 times)

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Gospel Drummers: let get a broad background
« on: September 10, 2004, 11:21:28 AM »
im from newark, nj.....all the drummers and that area seem to do the same thing, when i came 2 virginia, cats are doing the exact same thing. When i ask for their inspirations, they say gerald, jeff lezley, jeff davis, etc........we need 2 go out and explore all kinds of drumming, and bring it back to the gospel community....and stead of staying on the hip hop 4/4 scene....dont get me wrong i love how Eddie heyward plays....but i cant stay stuck on him..............thats why i got into Vinnie, Dave Dennis, billy,

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Re: Gospel Drummers: let get a broad background
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2004, 12:55:34 PM »
I feel the same way because  the Drummers i know do not involve themselfs in to many different styles of music. I think that many drummers today are lacking jazz because alot of drummers want to jump to Hip hop or funk.Theres nothing wrong with either but we as drummers should try to expand our music categories. If we just take a chance to listen to different kinds of music us drummers wouldn't sound so alike when we play.What do you think?

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Gospel Drummers: let get a broad background
« Reply #2 on: December 15, 2004, 11:30:09 AM »
if they need a more broad background tell them there are plenty of the best drummers listed all over this site.

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check out my topic
« Reply #3 on: December 22, 2004, 02:35:26 PM »
check out my topic, it will help us to improve our drumming :)
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Gospel Drummers: let get a broad background
« Reply #4 on: December 25, 2004, 01:16:39 PM »
i agree. hip hop and funk/gospel is my fav. but i when i practice i work on latin groves and odd time signatures. i love dave weckl, vinne, jeff tain watts, dennis chambers. but what a lot of people may not know is all the cats we hear playin hip hop and gospel, a lot of them a very good in jazz and fusion styles as well. but the gigs we hear them on dont allow them to really do that stuff.
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